In finding a mate just text him A DATE

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In finding a mate just text him a date!

 Technology has drastically changed our culture and lifestyle in more ways than we can think of and one lifestyle change that scientists discovered is the cellphone, when dating. The dating game has long been around since the creation of men and women, even cavemen and cavewomen played the dating game whether it be a grunt or a roar at the interested party or a simple text in our modern age. A recent survey of 1,500 daters provided to USA TODAY reveled the effects of mobile technology on the modern world of dating.



The daters, ages 21 to 50, give great insight into the world of dating. Scientists and experts study the drastic changes to our lifestyle. These days those who partake in the dating atmosphere tend to ask more questions that are related to check, sending and receiving text messages or using their smartphones. Some questions that may arise include: is it appropriate to check your phone during a date? How soon should you expect/send a text following a date? How quickly should you respond to a text from your date? Should you call when you can just text? The data from the survey conducted in may showed some interesting results such as, ‘Approximately one-third of men (31%) and women (33%) agree it's less intimidating to ask for a date via text vs. a phone call, “ and the longest time one may wait to respond is an hour. Some may find these new expectations to be absolutely absurd and traditional methods of calling or meeting for a one on one date is the ideal way. However, considering the huge surge in online dating websites ranging from and to more niche websites such as and, texting as a tool for dating no longer seems so arbitrary.

The world of technology consistently changes our habits at work and home, so why wouldn’tsmartphones or simply texting become a part of our romantic lives?

Scientists strive to keep up with our changing lifestyle habits, because you never know how drastically our lives will change in the future maybe, to the extent where people no longer communicate in person, maybe strictly virtually or through holograms? Just a thought.


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