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This post is originally intended as a review of Keanu Reeves' latest film – the phenomenal action thriller crime drama, John Wick Chapter 2. Although this post's movie review aspect is still there, elements of the Querlo Chatbot will be incorporated in the latter portions of this blog.

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What is and Why include Querlo?

Naturally, some readers may not be familiar with Querlo (particularly, those viewers that are not bitLander members but have only stumbled on this post looking for an awesome John Wick 2 movie review). So before moving on with the film review, let me address a few inquiries these readers probably have.

First off, what is Querlo?

Querlo is the chatbot with the Human Touch. I will not delve so much on the "What is Querlo?" question as I already have dedicated a blog solely to this inquiry. Readers wanting to know more should visit and read the contents of this link: Exploring and Understanding Querlo - the Innovative Solution

The info found on that link should give the reader a clearer idea on what Querlo is all about.

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Secondly: Why include Querlo in this blog?

The reason is actually not that hard to understand. Many people have this notion that Querlo's purpose is for exclusively getting and strengthening business and consumer relationship – this is true, but only to a certain extent.

You see, even though the preceding paragraph is indeed one of Querlo's main purpose, this innovative solution is not limited for that specific functionality. The Querlo Chatbot solution can do so much more and can be used for a variety of purposes. One must remeber that Querlo (also called the Chatbot with the Human Touch) is a modern and interactive way of gathering information – and as such, it can be expertly used to collect appropriate data similar (but better) to that of a conventional survey, collecting trivia, and so much more.

Moving on and putting all formalities and terminologies aside, let us now get down to that John Wick Chapter 2 Review (I know some readers are already excited to go to it).
By the way, FYI please that this movie review may and will contain some spoilers (depending on how the reader interpret things).


John Wick – a short and simple introduction

If you are reading this blog, then one can assume that you are a fan of the John Wick franchise. The first John Wick film was released last 2014 and is a surprise blockbuster hit – but on the financial side, it was what can be considered as moderately successful . Let's just say that if revenue earnings of the first movie will be compared to that of Disney’s MCU or Warner's DC movie universe, then it is like an ant to a giant (additionally, this comparison is quite unfair since Marvel and DC movies are based on the comic adaptations – and some of these comics have been around for last 40 years).

Anyway, humongous revenue earnings is not the main determinant of a movie's greatness. The first installment of the John Wick franchise received nothing but praises from both expert critiques and casual film analysts. The first film was so awesome that it apparently garnered a cult fan following.

(Photo Credit: Sonic-Sun via Deviantart)

John Wick 2 – Plot Review and Comparison with John Wick 1

In this section, I’ll review, and at the same time compare plot elements of the first and second films. This is necessary as some readers who have not seen the first film but are anxious and mulling if they should see the second movie without seeing John Wick 1 first.

If I may, despite John Wick Chapter 2 can stand alone on its own – to fully appreciate this film, one must have seen or must be very familiar John Wick part 1.

The plot of the first film is one of the elements that have attracted its legions of fans to it. The plot of John Wick part 1 is something that one can say “out of the ordinary”. You see, in the first film, John’s dog was murdered and his classic muscle car has been stolen – and all of this unfortunate events happened a short time after his wife died due to a disease that was not disclosed in the film.

In a nutshell timeline, here is what happened to John that forced him out of retirement:
Wife died - Dog killed - Car stolen - John got mad - Many people died (killed by John)

Because of all the bad things that successively happened to John, he wiped out an entire underground crime syndicate simply because the head of the crime family refused to give up his son (the person who killed the dog and stole John’s car). Some readers may argue that wiping out an entire syndicate or killing all those people just for a dog and a car is too much. This is actually where the interesting part kicks in – John did not do it for revenge, yours truly assumed that hedid it for justice.

Readers who are not yet convinced why they should see the first movie first, the short clip below is the main reason why.

(Video Credit: spicyhot trendz via
(this is a clip of the head of the Crime Family syndicate scolding his son about why it is an immortal sin when he messed with John’s life) 


As for the plot elements of John Wick Chapter 2, it is on a whole new level of its own. No dogs are killed in the film but a house did blow up. As much as I want to say that this is the thing that set things in motion, sadly it is not. If Mr Wick is looking for justice in the first movie, in here, John has to man up and do the deed that must be done – even if it means going back to the life that he has already turned away from.

In this second installment of the franchise, there are more killings and more bloodbath. The action sequence and storyline bar just goes up as the movie progresses. In Chapter 2, more of Mr Wick’s history has been revealed – special point of interest is a glimpse on how we was able to complete the impossible task assigned to him years before.

If justice is a recurring theme of the first movie, in John Wick Chapter 2 – there’s so much more. There’s the aspect of respect, betrayal, honour, and revenge (although this last one is quite debatable).


Character Review

I know you can spot this section coming a mile away – really though, what would a John Wick franchise be without the colorful characters that supported the main hero (even though said characters are in the opposite side of the moral spectrum). In John Wick part 1, the movie was cleverly made that almost all the characters (even the minor ones) will impact the movie in a big way..

In the second installment, we are introduced to more characters with solidly built background. If in the first film, there's only one underground crime family that John has to deal with – in chapter 2, Mr Wick has to face different opponents representing various underground families of their criminal empire.

Showcased below are chracters worth highlighting:

The Bowery King
(Photo Credit: Lionsgate via

Played by Laurence Fishburne, this particular character is one of the proclaimed underground crime lord that assisted Mr Wick in his vendetta. Laurence Fishburne appearing in chapter 2 also makes the movie extra special as both Keanu and Laurence has never been in the same film since The Matrix trilogy.


Cassian and Keanu in a scene from the film
(Photo Credit: Niko Tavernise via

One of the personal bodyguards of a High Table crime lord. This particular character is played by The rapper that goes by the name of Common. As can be remembered, Common appeared in another recent movie hit (Suicide Squad). Anyway, in the film, Common is also the head of his boss' security detail. Naturally, when his boss suffered a terrible fate, Cassian felt that it is his duty to avenge her.


Winston (Manager of Continental Hotel New York)
(Photo Credit: Don Kaye via

Winston is played by veteran actor Ian McShane. He is a returning character which is the Hotel Continental manager of the New York branch. In the John Wick universe, the Continental hotel chain is like the home, retreat, or asylum for assassins. The hotel has one unbreakable rule – never do business in hotel grounds, doing so will lead death (directly or indirectly). Anyway, there seems to be a high level of respect between the proper etiquetted Winston and John.


Ares - the Mute Bodyguard
(Photo Credit: Lionsgate via

Don't let the name fool you. Ares may be the name of the Greek god of war. But in the John Wick universe, Ares is the lady mute bodyguard of a high ranking Italian crime lord. The character is played by Australian actress Ruby Rose.

There are still other interesting characters in the film whether they played a minor or major role. As to avoid spilling too much information, you'll just have to see the film and judge the rest of the characters.


Financial Review and Final Words About the Film

As mentioned, the John Wick franchise earned a modest hit in terms of revenues. Given that the first film is a surprise hit, this used-to-be unknown franchise actually did pretty good. Additionally, one must also consider that John Wick Chapter 2 opened with some top contending can favorites such as Lego Batman the Movie and Fifty Shades Darker.

Readers who are not yet convinced our they should see John Wick Chapter 2 movie, the following film trailer should help you decide.

(Video Credit: Lionsgate Movies via


That's just about it. Let me end this post with the Querlo Interactive Chat below. You may found the questions asked by this Chatbot with the Human Touch regarding movies to be both engaging and informative. In fact, why don't you try joining in bitLanders. When you do, you would be able to earn some rewards (that translates to real money) and will even have automatic access to Querlo. If you want to give Querlo and bitLanders a shot, you can JOIN right NOW. It's FREE!!!



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