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Firstly, I am no expert in this matter but this is what I have noticed from my almost two weeks of being active here. Reading the FAQs has also been beneficial for me. So here's just a few tips to increase your Buzz score:


 It is important that you monitor this section everyday where your buzz score trend graph is shown. 


The blue line determines your daily Base Buzz while the orange line determines your daily Direct Powerups which is a temporary or daily bonus. The digit encircled below is the direct powerups.

By adding these two (base buzz & direct powerups), you'll be able to know the value of your buzz score. When direct powerups is increased, there is a greater chance to get higher buzz. 


So how to increase direct powerups? 

Obtain the daily buzz bonus. The follow up question would be, How? Here is how according to the FAQs:

  •     Through subscriber's bonus. Every new subscriber equals +1 buzz bonus. But note that we could only get a maximum of +10 buzz bonus per day.


  •    Sending facebook invites to our friends. This is visible in the homepage section. For every invite you send, you will receive +1 buzz bonus but there is also a limitation per day which is around 3 I think.


  •   Shop purchase. See FAQs for details. 


  •  Read and watch informative contents from blogs and movies and buzz them. There are  hidden treasures which can be found on those. You can get +1 buzz bonus for a day. 


  • And lastly, login daily and receive daily buzz bonus ranging from +1 to +7 per day. 



Check this graph daily to see how much you make per day. The more referrals, the more earnings you can get! 


And don't forget to read the FAQs for more questions. These are really helpful and informative categories! :)


I hope this could somehow be a great help especially to those who are still confused here! :)




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