Increasing trend of social media such as "Facebook" and "Twitter"....

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By the passage of time as technology is developing day by day in the same pace the use of social media is getting common.This trend has more influence on our youth. In fact not just youth but even our elders can also be observed, using social media.Young girls and boys stay update with Facebook and Twitter 24/7. Whatever they do whether its important or not, they just give it a status of Facebook. Most of the times those statuses are so silly that not even worth reading. Like I want to sleep, I am hungry or I took a bath etc.

My idea for writing this blog is not that I am against social media, but just want to say that this technology can be used in a better way. This can act as a medium of knowledge transferring world wide by the people who are connected through it. We can share beneficial information over there which may help others. This increasing trend of social media through internet has decreased the trend of text messages via mobile SIM. Now people are connected online. I would like to suggest it to my readers that as we know excess of every thing is bad. So we should not allow technology to over rule our traditional values. Use technology and social media for the betterment of yourself and others, not just to kill your time.
Best wishes to all my friends who are reading my blogs.

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