Increasing Your Buzz Score: Four Fast Tips/Secrets

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As a Bitlanders user, the most important question to you must be: How can I increase my Buzz Score?

Below are four fast tips/secrets on how to increase your Buzz Score in only a few days:

  • Write Original Blog Posts: Don’t use your blog or microblogs just to share how you’re feeling or to say hello to other users. Use the blogs to share and write original ideas, stories, news or reviews. The more you write the better. And if you are writing blogs (not microblogs), make sure they are not too short, as the longer your blog post, the more likely your Buzz Score will rise.


  • Write/Post Every day: This is very important. Consistent activity on your bitlanders page ensures a healthy Buzz Score. So write something new every day.


  • Choose Interesting/Popular Topics: Make sure that the things you post/share (articles, photos, video) are interesting to users, because your Buzz Score depends on how much other users like your posts and how much they share them.


  • Videos: Posting original videos is one of the best ways you can increase your Buzz Score quickly. Don’t just share links to other people’s videos, upload your own original videos to your page to raise your Buzz Score.

For more info on increasing your buzz score, visit the FAQ page on BItlanders here.

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