Incredible Fan Art: 3D Renderings of Futurama Characters (Part 2)

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I don't know who made this fan art, but it is very impressive.  

Futurama ran for seven season consisting of 140 episodes and won many Emmy and Annie awards.  Despite its success, the show was cancelled three times.  The final episode, which ran in 2013, was the 3rd time devoted fans had to sit through its final episode.  


One of the show's writers, Ken Keeler, has a PhD in Applied Mathematics.  In one particular episode that involved the characters using one of the Professor's inventions to switch bodies (but wouldn't not allow them to switch back), Dr. Keeler devised a mathematical theorem to get all the characters back into their proper bodies.  The Futurama Theorem, as it's known, appears in the episode on the Professor's chalkboard.  


The Robot Devil

Some of the attention to detail in the series is quite impressive.  

For example, they made sure that they got the day of the week correct for the December 31, 2999 date - it will be a Tuesday.  

There are also clues as to what really happened on the night of December 31, 1999 that led to Fry's being frozen for 1000 years.  Those clues are found in the first episode.  The details regarding those clues were not revealed until Season Four.  


Dr. John Zoidberg


If you haven't yet experienced this show, I highly recommend you start watching it, beginning from Season 1, Episode 1.  It can currently be found on Netflix in the US (not sure about outside the US), but it's available on DVD and worth the money...  or you can always find them on BitTorrent sites.  :D




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