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 India is home to a pretty large number of people (over 1.2 billion), so as we can imagine the culture is very diverse from city to city; however, there are certain things that India does better than the rest of the world. Can you guess what they are?

 Well one of the more unique Indian characteristics is something that we may not think of initially that is their highly recognized and skilled…barbers. Now we’ve all been to low-key local barbers or if we’re fortunate enough, high-end spa-like salons. But according to CNN, barbers in India truly know how to satisfy their customers with more than just a simple haircut, if…. you know what I mean.

 Now that I have your head in the gutter, what they realistically do is pamper you the way you should be pampered, no muss, no fuss, just get it done. What I mean is, following your haircut barbers will take their handy scissors, shape your eyebrows, and rid you of ear hair and the stuff inside your nostrils. Afterwards, they provide with a grand head, neck, and shoulder massage. But be careful, some can get a little rough that may lead to facial slapping. You’ve been warned. 

 Next on the list is of course, accessorizing. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to attend an Indian wedding, I’m sure you’ve noticed the immense amount of sparkling, eye-catching, jewelry worn by many Indian women, especially during special ceremonies.

 Indian women are very well known for their intricate jewelry and are usually dripping in gold with everything from elaborate oversized nose rings, toe rings, bangles and bracelets to large gold necklaces hanging from their bellies. One things for certain, Indian women love their beautiful accessories.

 Another grand characteristic that is very well known to this dear country is the universal language of gesticulation. Indian culture is known for gesticulation with highly dramatic and quick head shakes, and hand gestures that will definitely hold your attention when conversing with someone.

 So next time you have the splendid opportunity of visiting this wonderful country, pay attention to these three characteristics, and definitely get a haircut with an Indian barber, you will never forget it. Enjoy!




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