India-Pakistan Issue Faced By the People

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India-Pakistan Issue Faced By the People

Pakistan and India have fought several wars over the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and hundreds of soldier has sacrificed their lives but till now no tangible results have emerged to resolve this problem. There is always a phase of war and conflict between these two countries and Pakistan continues to stick in the line of Kashmir remaining a territorial disputes and an unfinished agenda. India also makes its stand on the Agenda which remains a problem to cross the border terrorism. Tension between India and Pakistan are deeply rooted starting from the phase 1947 partitioning the Province of Bengal and Punjab and the British was succeeded in making two independent countries India and Pakistan. These two countries have fought three wars especially over the Kashmir.

The phrases of the conflict in Jammu and Kashmir have followed different patterns and shift in new strategies that has given has providing great focus in combating terrorism. The Indian Pakistan conflict depends on the visibility and target, seen and unseen enemy of stable and unstable government provides appropriate pressure and resulted in war and balance in the respective style of the government.

Types of Conflict:

The pattern of conflict is extraordinary and has varied from the troops of seen and unseen enemy presenting different strategy and target in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. The 14 days of war that was in the year of 1971 is essentially a war which has taken lives of thousands of soldier both from India and Pakistan and has given birth to the proxy war or a limited war. The main frictions between these two countries are related to the division of Jammu- Kashmir and Pakistan has undergone in great extent to capture the state of Kashmir. The conflicts between India and Pakistan have started from the discussion of the Partition between India and Pakistan.

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