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In this recent time, people need not only food but they desire comforts and all extravagance items too. In order to become a powerful country, people should manufacture all they require in their possess country. Pakistan is an agricultural country but it is moving quickly towards the industrial growth. Pakistan has become self-sufficient in a large diversity of manufactured goods, Some of the great and significant industries of Pakistan are declared below :-

            COTTON TEXTILE INDUSTRY. Cotton industry is considered the spine of the industries in Pakistan. Due to top quality of cotton in Pakistan, we produce best class of thread and fabric, Pakistan not only meets the need of Pakistani people but big segment of cotton is exported to other countries. Pakistan earns about 60% of foreign exchange by exporting cotton, threads and fabrics.

WOOLEN TEXTILE INDUSTRY. At the beginning of Pakistan, there was only one woolen textile mill. Now there are 70 units working in Pakistan. In the mountainous and grimy areas of Pakistan, sheep and goats are reared from which swindle is obtained and dissimilar products are made out of it such as shawls, sweaters and blankets.

CHEMICAL PLANTS. In Pakistan there are 13 chemical plants working, making diversity of chemicals according to the condition of the country. The chemicals copiously manufactured are soda ash. In an agricultural country like Pakistan, pesticides are the most vital chemicals manufactured.

PAPER AND BOARD MILLS. Paper is a very important creation as there is no alternate for it. We need paper and board for books, copies and packing of different products. Paper is made from wheat and rice straw, which is abundantly grown here in Pakistan. Pakistan had no paper of board mill at the time of sovereignty, now there are 94 paper and 36 board mills working to meet the condition of the country.

SUGAR MILLS. There are 78 sugar mills working in Pakistan, out of which 40 are in Punjab, 32 in Sind and 6 are working in KPK. Due to plenty of sugar cane cultivation in Pakistan, these sugar mills can produce up to 5 million metric tons of sugar which is more than sufficient for the local requirement.

CEMENT PLANTS. There are 24 cement plants in Pakistan. They have been built in KPK and northern Punjab. These areas are rich in lime-stone and gypsum, which is used as a raw material in the cement industry.


FERTILIZERS. Pakistan is an agricultural country. As 70% of people directly or indirectly are linked with agricultural division, therefore fertilizers are major need of Pakistan. There are four fertilizer plants working in Pakistan producting nitrogen fanfares and potash.

GHEE AND OIL INDUSTRY. Ghee & Oil industry is extremely important industry in any country because food is cooked in ghee or oil. Pakistan being the agricultural country, obviously, there are 166 ghee and oil factories producing 2.7 million tons of ghee and oil.

PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY. Pharmaceutical industry is a life saving industry in any country. They make medicines for different diseases, also called life saving drugs. There are 23 international and over 300 local pharmaceutical factories operating in Pakistan, indicating the importance and need of such industry in any country.

AUTOMOBILE AND MOTOR BIKE INDUSTRY. In past few years, Pakistan has made fast progress in automobile and motorbike industry. There are six plants working in auto industry with the help of Japan, Korea and Italy. In the past few years, a number of motorbike factories had been set up; therefore, there are great variety of motorbikes available in Pakistan. In Pakistan, heavy transports are also being manufactured such as trucks, tractors and buses.










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