Infidelity is a Real Deal

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Right from where I have best understood and value relationships, lies my great opposition towards problems of third parties . Nowadays, most tv programs recognize this as a social issue for it has been rampant in the society which affects the relationship on every marriage, family and even towards your friends. Accordingly, this is the main cause why a lot of marriages leads to divorce or, as for our country, annulment. 

I have so many friends and even relatives who have been in this situation and I am completely convinced that one's unfaithfulness is the most painful experience that can be inflicted in marriage or in a relationship than those who have had the tragic misfortune of having experienced rape, physical abuse, sexual abuse of their children, and infidelity have consistently reported to me that their partner's unfaithfulness was their very worst experience. 

Many have said that infidelity yielded from lack of love towards his/her partner. Another is that if one can't sustain the need of the other then have found those from somebody then this dilemma rises. I believe that, infidelity does not come from lack of love, it comes from lack of respect. If you really do love and treasure your partner you wouldn't dare to cheat or go behind his/her back to satisfy your need. 

For those who are in a relationship, love and treasure your partner. If you are unsure as to this understanding will lead you to lifetime you better think through a thousand times if he/she is worth your time or you are for his/hers. 

Do not use someone to escape your problem from your partner. Instead, communicate and talk about it. Through this, you will know if what you really feel is real and pure. 

But as for me, cheating is easy, try something more challenging like being FAITHFUL.


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