Infinite Defilement: Destroyer of All Things

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I just received this brutal album from Jacob Smith last Thursday and I'm enjoying it a lot. This is one of the good one-man metal bands in Australia. Making some some sick riffs since 2006, I guess, this is one of the bands that I enjoy most and probably one of my main influences in making a one man band act myself. This is a totally devastating album. The combination of Brutal riffs and blast beats from the drum machine will leave you asking for more music. The vocals is reminiscent of the old school attacks of bands like Nile or Hate Eternal or the mighty Morbid Angel in my opinion. I truly appreciate the efforts done by one man bands to produce quality music. I know that there are lots of people out there who don't really dig the true nature of one man bands and just throw some thrash talks and bad reviews on one man band materials. I was one of the them and getting a lot of hate mails all of the time. This one man music shows that what a full man band act can do could be summarizes into a single brutal slab of brutal tunes attack. Hailing from Australia, this is one of the most interesting one man exports!

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I hope there will be more materials coming from this band in the future. This will really inspire most of the upcoming one man bands in the future. Kudos to Jacob Smith for a job well done in producing this album. A definite addition to your Death metal collection. 



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