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Do you know how influential you are on the web? Or what topics you are influential about? The Film Annex BuzzScore measures your influence and tells you to what extent other people are sharing your content.

While your sharing score is indicative of how much you share your own content on social networks, your influence score is about how much others share and talk about your content. For example, without you even knowing, a fan, a follower, or a supporter may share the link to your movie on his Facebook page or Twitter. This act of sharing aka spreading the buzz will set your influence score higher.

Encourage your friends and followers to share your content on their social networks. Posting your content on your own pages should be good enough for those who are already following you, but if you want extra attention, you can send out e-mail updates about your work, ask for endorsements, ask your friends if they'd be interested in spreading the word about your work on their own pages, etc. If your content speaks to others, they will want to share it!

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