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Afghanistan is great and nice country in the world Afghanistan have 36 province .Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan 2.logar   3 Packtical 4. Ghazni 5. Heart 6.mazar Sharif 7. Jalal bad 8.maimana 9.Qandahar 10.josjon and .etc...   The people of Afghanistan are very cleaver and hospitable and heavy   people in the  would...                


Afghanistan weather is very beautiful weather. There are four season in   Afghanistan .1 spring 2.summer 3.winter. also the Afghanistan water is very great  and suitable for recreation.



Right now Afghanistan situation is very bad because some people exploit his body and kill some peoples. so this action is very bad action  Allah say in the Holly  Quran  if someone exploit his body so he will be always in the hell I told to these of people the should not do this action and  I love my country and my people  my religion  my  Holly Quran  and my God 


 our religion is Islam..   Our religion gifted all information about live how can u live in this would. Afghanistan languages I mean the people of Afghanistan speak more 26 languages its Dari .Pashto .uzbaki. Pashai .etc  


Afghanistan is mountains country   Pamir and Hindokosh are very famous mountain in Afghanistan.      Afghanistan country has historical places all people like historical  places . Iam also  like  historical placeAfghanistan president karzai promise to poor people to help them and spurted them .Afghanistan have beautiful reveres. Must of afghan people are former .They produce bruit variety of vegetable like potato, onion,


tomato, cucumber, been, rice ,and etc.  The Afghanistan garden is very clean garden it have lot of flower and tree .the Afghanistan prime minister is good guy    in the Afghanistan country is very war and distribution Afghanistan have a lot of hospitals    


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