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Installing Wordpress in your host space

Wordpress is a content management system , wordpress is the most commonly used CMS due to its flexibility and dynamism.
Most bloggers use wordpress as its SEO friendly (Search Engine Optimized) and plugins avaibility.

Choose a good hosting server , we would recommend you to buy from Bluehost or Hostgator.

Here we are talking about wordpress as a software , eventually you can get free hosting for wordpress from with a sub-dommain.

You can find wordpress files on

Download Files from there upload on server and follow the installation process.

In this method you have create database and fill all the info , to make your work less use Fantastico it will install wordpress with single click.

5 Steps to install wordpress via Fantastico

1.> Go to your cPanel , Login there.
2.> Locate Fantastico De Luxe icon in "Software/Service" and click on it.
3.> Find Wordpress there and click on it.
4.> Choose new installation option.
5.> Fill in the all required data as per your need such as

- Install in domain – Fill domain name on which you want to install wordpress

- Install in directory - Fill Directory here where you want to install wordpress
Note: - Leave Blank if you want to install on defualt directory than wordpress would appear on
Put your directory wheere you want to install wordrpess such as 'blog' than wordpress would appear on

- Next are admin details fill them carefully

After filling all details click on 'Install Wordpress' .

:) Well done! You have successfully installed the WordPress application!

Well there has been always a heated arguement between blogger and wordpress, you should with whom you are more comfortable.

Wordpress is just a small step towards blog you need plugins to make wordpress work at it's best , [How to create blog]

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