Innocence of childhood

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innocence of childhood
does make it simple for us adults
who complicate lives with egos and strife
living from day to day with desires reaching the sky
forgetting the simplicity of hte human life
we march on forgetting that time is flying by

look at kids
look how they live
they live without expectations
never worry about anything or anyone
they trust and they play on
if adults were to follow it
am sure there will be peace

smile and welcome every day
take every day as a challenge
live life to help all around
never wound with words or actions
trust in the supreme power
and communicate within
and you shall feel the
ultimate peace


poem written for all by ©deepa

removed from another site and now posted here

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I am an online content writer and my passion is writing poetry. I am a housewife and also love to do other things like manage the farm and read.

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