Instant Karma!

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Ever thought about a time when you are trying to impress some one, or maybe you are possibly trying to be annoying, and at that instance, you suffer a huge problem?

Well, yes, most of the times it happen, more over, it happens when you are completely concious about something. So, did you get it now? No? let me tell you...

 This is called Karma. It is a time you face when you do not expect something to happen. For instance, you are being annoying towards a fierce dog who is caged or tied up tightly, or should I say loosley? It is when that dog, happens to free it self, and instantly attacks you as you have been a pain in its ass :D !! 

Lets give another example. For instance you are with your girl at a park. Its quite and everything just seems so right, calm and nice! It is a good time to do something to impress the girl. So you decide to jump over a short garden wall right beside you, rather than going through the gate........ it is when you jump, slip off the wall, fall, and break your spine! Well that escalated quickly enough, but it is what we call, and surely what we blame.... Instant Karma!!!! 

So remember, being cocky sometimes makes your pride flow in the river like an ant. So make your self concious at all times and remember that Karma is there to watch you, make your self sober, be confident, and do not let the karma take over you!!! 

Wriiten by: Haider Khan

Student of Olevels

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