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    Interduce my salf 

   my frist name is mohammd sahel

   my last name is hakimy I was born in kabull afghanistanin 1993 I am 20 years old

    my religon is islam my nationality  is afghan I am single there are four people in  my family

    my father my mother my small brothermy father,s name is abdulah he is a taxcidriwer and he likes his job my     samll brother,sname is sobhan he is a student he is so celever.




  My eduction infromation

  I was Graduated from Habibia High school in 2010

   I was Graduated from ( Dit-CIT-IT)systemsIn  kardan Unversity in 2008

   I was Graduated from (Dell system) from sun shin higer eduction center

   I was Graduated from (TTp) system from faza institute




    My work experince

   I was computer teacher in faza institute 2007 up to 2011

    I was teacher of computerin the sediqi curos 2009 -2011

   I was (IT officer ) in the sun shin higer eduction center 2010                                                                                                                            I was teacher of computer in the habibia hige school 2012 to 2013

   I have been working in ATN (Ariana Television Network) as s MCR director since Murch of 2013


   about  my language Skills

   I speak four languages 1. dari 2. pashto 3.urdo.4 english

   about my hobbis: I like play footbull and watching of footbull much


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