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Pokemon Go is the phenomenal mobile game for both Android and Apple handheld devices. The Pokemon game, which was launched last year, was heavily anticipated by millions of people around the world. Although some players grew tired or have discontinued playing the game after a few months – many of these players went back into playing after the released of the so-called Pokemon Go Generation 2 Update (the exact date of which is February 17).

Although it would be fun to discuss the various additions that came with the Pokemon Go Gen 2 update, this blog will primarily focus on interesting and creative names some Pokemons have in the Pokemon mobile game. Some names in the Pokemon Go mobile app can be described as funny, catchy, or just simply a play of words and spelling.

Be sure to read through until the end as the last portions of this blog contains an interesting link regarding Pokemon Go as well as the innovative and engaging Querlo – the chatbot with the Human Touch.

Anyway, without further ado, let us now explore Pokemon Go characters with creative and interesting names.

Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam

First on the list of Pokemon Go with interestingly creative name is Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam. At first glance, one may quickly think that the words are from the famous magical incantation. As can be remembered, these words are quite popular when it comes to magic tricks and magical shows or stages.

Anyway, in the Pokemon Go mobile game, the three words are separated by a comma and each one are written in uppercase. But one may wonder for the reasons why – isn't the three words can be put together in the same sentence the same way it is used when said?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple – comma is used to separate the three capitalized words because in the Pokemon Go mobile app, the words (Abra ; Kadabra; and Alakazam) are names of three Pokemons. Below is a picture of these three Pokemon Go characters.

(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)


Porygon is described in Pokemon Go as a virtual pokemon. This means that even though it is classified as a normal pokemon, Porygon has the capability to enter cyberspace by converting itself to its program data.

(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

Although unverified, it seems that the misspelling of the word Polygon is intended and not accidental. As can be remembered, there is a long standing gag wherein Japanese people have difficulty speaking or pronouncing the letter "L" and inadvertently making it sound like the letter "R". For example, the word love becomes rove (making it sound like the word rub), like becomes rike, etc...

Ekans and Arbok

Next are the Pokemon Go characters Ekans and Arbok. These Pokemons can be seen in the photo below (pay particular attention to the naming convention of the two)

(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

One can clearly see the strong resemblance of these Pokemon Go characters from the animals snake and cobra.

At this point, it is already quite apparent why the strong resemblance of these Pokemons from mentioned animals. For those who are still having some difficulty figuring it out, it is because the name of the Pokemons are also the name of the animals – but spelled backwards.


(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

Anyone familiar with the popular Japanese manga and anime Naruto, would have surely recognized the resemblance of this Pokemon to one of the prominent characters in the Naruto universe (both manga and anime).

In Naruto, the Kyuubi (otherwise known as the NineTails in its english translation), is a so called demon Fox which is a living embodiment of hatred. However, by the end of the series, Kyuubi eventually saw the error of his ways and turned to the team of the good guys.

In the Pokemon Go mobile game, Ninetales is spelled differently from the one in Naruto. Although, both characters have nine tails, the species of the one in the mobile game is not clearly specified. Given its appearance, it's hard to discern the Pokemon's sexuality as well as which animal it is derived from (although the description says fox but its apperance resembles that of a horse)


(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

The name of this next Pokemon is nothing but fancy – and given its description, it is actually quite straightforward. Interestingly, the physical features of this Pokemon Go character has a strong likeness to that of Homer Simpson (the iconic patriarch of the American cartoon TV show The Simpsons).

Well, the likeness of Slowbro and Homer is just what yours truly thinks. Below is a photo of Slowbro, look at it and decide for yourself if it does indeed resemble Homer S.


(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

Coming in the sixth spot is Pokemon Go character called Horsea. Initially, yours truly wondered that it has something to do with the two words "a horse" – wherein the letter “a” is out at the back instead of being in the front. But then again, this particular pokemon is categorized as a water type so that initial assessment could not be it. It is possible that the name is a mix of two words – Horse and Sea. But that too, just couldn’t be it.

Thinking deeply, the best that I can come with is that it has something to do with a "sea horse". But strangely, in this case, the letters "s" and "e" from the word sea has disappeared or was dropped.


(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

The above photo of Tangela shows why this pokemon is named as such – its because of the tangles. This particular Pokemon character is classified as a type / vine pokemon. According to the Pokemon Go Pokedex, Tangela is surrounded by vines that easily brakes off but are quickly replaced by new ones. It is also worth noting that when the vines broke, Tangela does not feel any pain.


(Photo Credits: jikZ via screenshot and cropping within the Pokemon Go mobile app)

Up until now, yours truly is still dumbfounded with this next Pokemon Go character on the list. Before moving on, let us first look at the photo above for a clear idea of what I am talking about.

Pokemon Go character Mankey seems like a pun spelling of man and monkey. However, as can be seen in the pic, "pig" features are also involved or is incorporated in the design of this pokemon. To make things more confusing, the aspects of a pig, monkey, and that of a human are not part of its description. So what's up with the naming convention, your guess is as good as mine.

Pokemon Go has some interesting aspects to it and the above information is just one of many. If you are one of those players who left the game, or stopped playing out of frustration of not being able to catch some of the Pokemons (I have to admit, some of the truly rare ones takes a high degree of patience and difficulty) – yours truly suggests reading the Pokemon blog "New Things and Information for Pokemon Go Generation 2". Said Pokemon post contains useful and cool information about the Pokemon Go Generation 2 Update that might entice you to go back into playing.

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