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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bitcoin


Nowadays, most of the investors and traders take interest to invest their money in bitcoin which is also known as digital currency. Bitcoin is also an alternative to pay with checks, PayPal, credit card and cash. But there are many people still, who do not know more about the bitcoins. It is essential for the traders and investors to know more about these currencies. There is one important thing about this currency is that it is not a real money, but it can be only used for making money online.


Bitcoins has made our work is too easy in these days. You can buy bitcoins for many purposes such as you should buy products & services. You can also make online shopping too easily after buying a bitcoin. There are many websites are available on the internet, that provide reliable services of bitcoin exchange, buying bitcoins and sell bitcoins.


There are multiple advantages and disadvantages of these currencies whenever you make online purchasing through these. One of the biggest advantages of this these currencies is that it assists you to keep your privacy secret. In the following, see more popular advantages of this digital currency:


    • No Tracking. If you have used this currency to make your online shopping, then there is no need to worry because it will assist to keep you secure and safe. It is complex for anyone to trace your transactions. This one can help to increase your privacy in assessment to fixed payment systems.


    • No Taxes. If you are thinking to make online purchasing through this digital currency, then there is no need to pay extra taxes on it. This is one of the main advantages for everyone.


    • Cannot be Stolen. This digital currency is one of the safest modes of payment. If you are thinking about it, then there is no need to worry about the to get stolen.


    • No Transaction Cost If you make online shopping through it, then don’t worry about the extra cost because while using it, this charges no any extra transaction costs.




As we discuss advantages of bitcoins in the above, beside it has also some disadvantages:


    • Not Broadly Accepted. There is one of the biggest disadvantages of the bitcoin is that it is not used in the worldwide, these digital currencies only accepted online because it is not real money and a few countries have also banned this currency. In the local market, you should use this currency effectively.


    • No Buyer Protection. Obviously, every buyer wish to buy quality goods from the sellers. In case, if you have used this currency to buy anything, and the seller does not send you quality goods, then you cannot invalidate your transaction. If you are interested to purchase anything online through this currency, just keep one thing in mind is that make your payment with care.



Bitcoin is also a less time consuming task. This process will assist you to save your energy which will help you to do other things to earn more.


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