Interesting facts about YouTube

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  1.  The three founders of YouTube (Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim) worked on Paypal,  when we started the project.
  2.  Domain YouTube was registered on the day of St . Valentine ( 14 February 2005 ) .
  3. 70 % of registered YouTube users from the USA, 50% of YouTube users under the age of 20 years .
  4. If YouTube was a Hollywood film company , he would have enough material to produce 60 000 new movies every week .
  5. In order to make as many videos as it was uploaded to YouTube in the last 2 months , broadcasters NBC, ABC, CBS would have to work around the clock seven days a week since 1948 .
  6. The total volume of traffic on YouTube about the same as has been used all over the Internet in 2000
  7. It should be more than 1,000 years to watch all the videos on Youtube ( but by the time the videos uploaded on YouTube, will be more per billion) .
  8. The most popular category to download videos - is "Music" , it contains about 20 % of all videos YouTube.
  9. United States uploaded to YouTube over all video , followed by the United Kingdom. Also, the majority of US users watching video, the second highest rated - Japan .
  10. The first-ever video posted on YouTube, this " I'm in a zoo " , downloaded Apr. 23, 2005 one of the founders of YouTube, Jawed Karim .
  11. The daily number of video views on YouTube exceeds 2 billion.
  12. Google bought YouTube in 2006 for 1.65 billion dollars.
  13. The first video, which opened the Russian version of YouTube to the 2007th year , became Peter Nalich clip for the song " Guitar " .
  14. March 13, 2007 Company «Viacom» filed suit against Google, accusing the service of YouTube's massive copyright infringement and requiring it to transfer the personal data of users of the service . A federal judge of the Southern District of New York granted the plaintiff's claim that the United States is contrary to federal law .
  15. Many users whose videos become popular on YouTube, later became stars and is the Internet. For example, a boy superstar of Canada Justin Bieber got a costly contract with record label due to its records, which his mother is laid out on YouTube.
  16. Video marked as deleted are not necessarily physically removed . With special applications, such as Deleted YouTube Video Viewer, these files can be viewed
  17. According to the statistics of November 2010 , in a moment on YouTube loaded 35 hours of video , and on the day - 50 400 hours .
  18. In March 2009, the Chinese government blocked access to YouTube after a video appeared on it by Chinese soldiers beating Tibetan monks and other Tibetans .
  19. According to Wikipedia, February 15, 2005 - the official start of the history of YouTube.