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As, I am fond of reading news and mostly about technology, science, politics, sports and entertainment. This time I want to share some amazing and interesting news with you guys and hoping these news will enhance your knowledge with interest.  

Blue eyed people:

                        We all have a great history of ancestors and many communities have their own beliefs of ancestors. Some believe that we evolved from mermaid to human and some believe that we evolve from ape. But the finest form of human being is which we exist today. Some of us have blue eyes and according to the latest research it is believed that the people who have blue eyes have the common ancestors. A team of researchers have analyzed the Genes of the people who have blue eyes and concluded that blue eyes are the reason of the Mutation which has taken place estimated 6000-10000 years ago. Due to the reason of mutation color eye color cause.

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Is Wolf Spider Dangerous?

                        Sometimes we encounter many species of spiders and due to fear from their looks we kill them before identifying rather that spider is really worth killing or not. I am not saying that every spider is not dangerous but there are many spiders which are nature friendly and which play important part in nature and we kill those spider without even identifying them or their nature. Although, dangerous spider is not that much harmful to human.


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From so many types of spiders, wolf spider is one of spider which has dangerous looks. Wolf spider has over +125 species and they categorized in ten most dangerous spider species all around the world.

Now Question arises how to identify the wolf spider? Answer is: Usually wolf spiders are two inches in size and could be brown and have white mark on their back. This spider has very good visions which help it in hunting. Unlike other spiders wolf spider did not make web and prefer hunting at night. Their food usually consists of insects. You can commonly found them in areas where insects are in great quantity like open areas, farms and in homes they can be found in basements plants etc.

This spider's bite is not that much dangerous that human can die but it can be painful and may people who is bitten by this spider can cause allergy.
Note: medical attention may be required if case is serious.


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A Common Scar on Hand Joint due to usage of Mouse:

                        Are you are frequent user of computer? Or are you a frequent user of laptop devices? And you use mouse as a pointing devices. Maybe you not have noticed scar on hand joint since now but it is reality and it is quite a common and a normal thing. There is no need to panic about it because most of people have this scar and the main reason for appearing scars is due to improper handling of computer mouse with your hand. Usually this scar appears on the left of hand joint in the people who are right hander and if you are left hander and you use mouse with left hand it will appear on the right part of your left hand joint. 


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I also use mouse because it’s pretty annoying to use Laptop built-in mouse and most of the time I also noticed this scar when I use mouse without mouse pad. Remember that this scar is only common in the people who use computer mouse without mouse pad and use too much pressure on. The best way to avoid this scar is to avoid putting too much pressure on the area on which this scar appears, as this area get rubbed to the surface and cause scar on your hand.


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Finger Reader a New Innovation for Blind and Semi Blind People:

                       We are blessed with many blessings of God which varies to the roof to live, availability of food, no disability, wealth, family etc. but most of time people took these blessings of God for granted. Disable people need our attention and there also some good people exist in the world who work for such people and try to make their life convenient like a normal people.

In this cause scientists have done a lot of efforts in which one of the efforts is for blind and semi blind people. Scientists have showed a remarkable result by manufacturing a finger reader device through which it will be possible for semi blind people to read any material whether that is book translation of the menu in a hotel or any other document. It is so easy that just places your finger on the paper by wearing this device and moves it on while the device will scan words with a camera installed in it and the software will identify the words and process it for understanding of the people. This device looks like a ring and is worn in index finger. It is an alternative to Braille system. This device is manufactured after the long research by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) U.S.A. and expected to release soon for the availability of common consumer soon.


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World’s Most Expensive Coffee:

                     Not only me, there are millions of people around the world for those coffee will be their favorite drink. But do you know about world’s most expensive coffee if no then I will tell you about it. Most expensive coffee is produced in Golden Triangle which is the reign of Thailand and popular for export of opium. Price of one cup of a coffee is fifty dollars it is known as Black Ivory Coffee. This coffee is made from dung of elephant. The process of this coffee begins from selecting of all the best beans of coffee berries. Then these coffee beans are mixed with rice, fruits, water and fiber. After eating these coffee beans by elephant and over the course of 3 days the coffee beans pass through the elephant’s digestive system. Then farmers’ hand picked out the coffee beans from elephant’s dung. They washed, sun dried and roasted these beans. At the end these coffee beans are ready to make coffee. This coffee is now become popular and liked by the people around the world and available in five stars hotels in the Middle East, Asia, America and England.

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Another popular expensive coffee brand named Kopi Luwak is also made from the beans of coffee berries. Kopi Luwak is made from Asian Toddy cat’s waste and made in Indonesia. It is noticed that the demand of Kopi Luwak coffee brand is increasing than Black Ivory Coffee.


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A Television with the Rolled Screened:

                   With advancement of technology many electronics companies all around the world are working on creating such electronics which are user friendly and have many features at the same time. Keeping this view in mind a South Korean electronics company has announced to make a television with screen much thinner like a paper. It is as flexible that could be rolled easily. The television will be having 60 inches roll able screen with a resolution of 1200x810. It could be easily placed in 3 centimeter diameter tube. It is more strong then other televisions in the market. This technology will definitely change the concept of new technologies. The material used in it is “Polymide-film”. The company which is going to market this product is L.G and expecting to launch the final product after some comprehensive testing on prototype.


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Born To Soon:

                  Immature delivery of babies is very common all around the world and the most dangerous day for the baby. When baby completes less time in mother’s belly it can cause her/his death and disability. Every year 150 million babies are born premature. Out of which 1 million are died. These immature babies are prone to infections because their lungs are not developed completely. This is not clear why babies are born premature but some of which are due to of infections. Normal babies do complete 40 weeks and just 3 weeks earlier make them premature baby. Mothers who are having Malaria and Blood Pressure are more prone to this problem. India is in top of the countries where birth of premature babies is very high.

To avoid these immature birth such counties should take steps like conducting awareness workshops on Government level to avoid immature birth of babies and save their innocent life.


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Air Water Generator Technology Introduced In India:

                 Water is becoming the most scarce resource all around the world and it is said that only 3% of clean water exist on the lower part of earth crust which is the sign of danger. It is due to large use of water in many factories, for bottled water, for fields and also for other usage in houses.

Keeping this shortage of water in mind India is working on new technology which is known as Air water generation technology has been introduced in first time in Mumbai, India to fulfill the drinking water requirement from scarce water resources. For this purpose machine generated 120 liter drinking water on daily basis. This machine is more useful in Mumbai and other areas which are near to ocean because in these areas Moisture in air more so more water could be obtained with this machine in these areas. This machine pulls water drops from the air and changes it into drinking water and also eliminates the need of pipes.


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