Internal optimization, preparation for promotion

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The site creation is very simple and simple process that requires minimal knowledge in the field of the Internet. But what to do after created the site? To look at it? To admire? Brag to your friends? In the first months after the creation of all is true, but then you need to think about how to this site does not just take a place on the server, but also bring income.

Again there are questions – how to earn online? To earn on the website must first be credible in the eyes of search engines. This, of course, complex activities that go to increase the performance of website and attendance. The first of these events can be called optimization, particularly internal.

Optimizing pages to promote

Many webmasters do not want to move the entire site and only one page where some item you want to sell. Various methods of internal page optimization will help to reach a leading position among its competitors on search engines. The main factor in such actions, of course, is the quality of the written text. To optimize a page it is necessary not only for search engines but for users. Try to clearly Express the essence and not to overdo it with keywords, otherwise the written text will be regarded as search engine spam.Keywords better to choose using the services of search engines. Try to use the H1-H6 tags and of different design, for example STRONG/B.

All this theory, we now proceed directly to the practice and understanding of internal optimization:

  • The relevance of a page – internal optimization theory.
  • How to increase the relevancy of a page?
  • SEO-optimized page to promote.
  • Behavioral factors.

Internal optimization of website

So, internal optimization is a set of measures and a set of actions that are related to changes in the content of the website for better indexing by search engines. It is also worth noting that the internal optimization is totally free and requires no cost.

The main stage of optimization is the creation of a semantic kernel. This is the initial step of website promotion, here are all the technical aspects or modifications. The semantic core is very important at the initial stage of promotion, because it determines the effectiveness of site promotion.

Below we describe methods of internal optimization. Many webmasters allocate one of the important factors is content optimization. If the site contains a certain amount of text, we should not forget that it is advisable among all of the text use keywords for which the webmaster wants to promote the site.

The second factor, internal optimization can note the creation of meta tags. They should be treated very seriously. It is important to use the words that directly relate to Your site. Too few or too many words will lead to unpleasant consequences, then the effect of the promotion can not wait.

Website optimization is a complex process that includes not only the content or meta-tags, and internal linking pages. If the webmaster will do everything qualitatively, the effect of cross linking can be very high, and all for free. As you know almost all links on the website refer to the main page, so the main page can get a large weight in the quality the work done. But, the essence of linking is the opposite.Need to make site pages were linked so that the weight is distributed evenly, thereby raising the probability of low-frequency issues is great.

In the end we can say that search engine optimization is a complicated set of tools, in the performance of which you can easily succeed. Try to experiment and use the experience of others in their own developments, after which the result will be high. Thank you for your attention, success in your work!

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