International Women in Media Foundation's 2013 Courage in Journalism Awards: Passion for Truth in the Shadow of Gender Bias

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Courage (Noun): mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. This is the Merriam-Webster definition of the word Courage. Looking at it described in this fashion doesn't quite seem to do justice to the honorees of this year's Courage in Journalism Awards presented here in New York on October 23. #InTheLab was humbled to have three of these women here in the studio to share their stories with host Arthur Kade. This year's Lifetime Achievement Award winner, veteran Zimbabwean journalist Edna Machirori was joined #InTheLab by fellow reporters Bopha Phorn of Cambodia and Najiba Ayubi of Afghanistan. As each woman shares their story, the common themes of bias and discrimination, threats of physical violence and lack of support within their own professional communities are prevalent in their struggle as female journalists in countries where women's voices are discouraged from speaking out as a matter of social status. Their dedication for the truth has often put them in harm's way. Each of these remarkable individuals is at a huge disadvantage working in environments where governmental controls over the media are matter of fact. There are no First Amendment rights to protect them should they find themselves at odds with the powers that be.

Join us and listen as these women describe their passion for doing what they love in spite of the obstacles they continue to face in bringing the truth to light. We are sure you will agree there was no shortage of courage to be found #InTheLab that day.

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