internet as a medium more then a media

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as I could definite it, the internet is nothing more then the mirror of the peoples soul . A medium more then media where often people use to express themselves on a blank intimate way as only the secret diary was told. As internet we are able to connect from 2 computers all around the world hosting files on server and make it public to others. A way to break intermediation evolving into the internet of things where files can be send and 3Dprinted all around the world whit no need for shipping.

We could say that internet have a conciusness. It is the expression of the peoples feels that also fulfit and represents their needs on a psychological level, needs, Maslow knows as the fondamental of the human being. 


Needs that now days find place in ambiances called social networks, kings of the internet, growing more as the blog just 10 jears ago did.

There is a big difference between this 2, where the social media is an intrest based platform where users are confrontated, or brainstormed, whit al kind of trendi, populist, intrest based contest, the blog stays the expression of the cretivity, morality end intimancy where you have not to fear to expose your belives, religion, or sexuality as it is part of the being, and not the to be, would Shakespeare say.

Therse something I thought about. As I used to do not have a cell phone for the last 3 years and no social media to take care of. I had my self, missing something. Missing a diary, missing a blog. Having written about somenthing just befor you really get in touch whit it is precondition of awareness what emotionally will you cheat. 

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