Internet Classroom opens at Hatifi High School in Afghanistan

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With the help of Citadel Software in Afghanistan along with USAID, Film Annex has been building internet classrooms all across Afghanistan. This effort on the part of Film Annex is to contribute on the ground towards building educational infrastructure in Afghanistan is quite commendable because the country desperately requires it. Due to years of war, the country has very few schools, and education is still not an option available to many. Film Annex is actively working towards providing computers and internet to the students of Afghanistan. They believe that this will enable the Afghan students to gain the latest knowledge and information. This will also help them to share information about the changes that are taking place in Afghanistan and their own stories to the outside world.

Hatifi High School is the biggest school in Herat, Afghanistan. It was established way back in 1938 and is only for girls. It currently has 8300 students. The students attend classes in shifts. With the efforts of Citadel Software and Film Annex, they managed to get their first internet classroom recently. The video above showcases how the entire work was completed. There are 116 classes held for girl students. And, the internet classroom has twice the number of computers so that the needs of all its students can be catered to. The excitement of students reflects in their words. They are looking forward to gaining knowledge, reaching out to news and information from all parts of the world, social networking, and sharing views with students from other countries.

Computers and internet help them to really broaden their horizons and perspectives. 40 schools in Herat and over 1,60,000 students will now reach out to their counterparts in the US, Europe and around the world via social media.

To know more about Film Annex and Citadel Software’s educational initiatives in Afghanistan, watch videos on Afghan Development TV.

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