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 Today technology is advanced and it is century of fastest communication and internet.All Electronic devices and Multimedia are important parts of our life.we can say we are living in the machines.

In all the communication, Internet is one of the best ways of communication for us. Internet made our life easy and we are using the internet for the various purposes. There are lot of advantages of internet in our life and our life is also positive with Internet' good advantages.


First of all we can use internet for the part time job like online work in the evening while many people spent their time for the enjoyment on the internet and they have interest in chatting and extra activities.

Internet has removed the distance and we can talk with our relatives in the other cities but before this we used the telephones and there was many problems in telephone communication like line disconnect etc


All the software’s, music and games are free available on the internet and you can download all your favorite movies, games in any time. For this purposes special websites also created on the internet and you can get your favorite application without any pay.


Internet is also cheapest when you use it for the education when you search your subject in the internet and you can easy get your book without any problem,


Internet offers us many different its services with easier method and it are very easy for use and you can install internet software in your mobile phones.

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