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Internet is the link between the networks of different cities and countries.It joins the computers of the whole world.The world has squeezed to global village due to internet.

There are two kinds of internet.
1.Internet work
2.Intranet work
1.As mentioned above internet is connection between different networks of whole world.
2.Intranet is the link between different cities of country.
It is again distributed into two
1.LAN      2.WAN
It is the link between different networks of the local city.For example a company has two offices.One is in guldberg and other in Shahdman.Network exists between both the offices.If both network are connected,these can communicate each other.This is called LAN.
Suppose the offices of the buisness firm are in different cities of world.If all the networks of this office are connected then system is called WAN.

For example branches of habib bank are located in whole country.All these are connected by computer so that all the changes and differences could be brought on record.
Different people use internet for multi purposes.Some people use it beause they are professional,some use it for buisness,others for entertainment.But it is right to said that Internet change whole world into global village.


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