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As part of the research for my upcoming documentary IamSatoshi, I was viewing the Blockchain as means for a voting system. My exploration led me to Restart Democracy, and I had the chance to record a lively conversation with Chris Camp, the founder. Chris explains what Restart Democracy is and talks about their latest mission: Secured Internet Voting.
Bitcoin caught Chris’s attention in April and he believes that Bitcoin has a lot of useful lessons. Chris does have a few concerns, mainly voters receiving a receipt of proof. We discuss possible modification that might have to be made in-order to allow for a more anonymous vote (Zerocoin/Namecoin).
Chris also shares his opinion about privacy over the net and how it reflects democracy in a Networked Culture. He sees cryptography as very critical to digital liberty, and he explains why he thinks there is not much difference between our digital and physical identities. ‘It’s not just about maintaining privacy, but it is about maintaining the types of communications that make a society that we value. And I don’t see a way of getting there without having cryptography embedded in the foundation of what we’re doing.’
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Here’s a selected cut from our conversation:



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