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The world is changing very rapidly therefore its norms and values also changing. According to an assessment, The world progress in doubled after every ten years. In ancient times a man could know only surroundings. There was no proper arrangement for them to keep in touch with each other’s.  After  that they used to send letters to their friends and relatives.

 In recent time the most rapid source of information about day-to-day life is internet. Internet is a kind of electronic media, which inform us more rapidly than the others. Internet is the only source of information through which we can know about the world’s situation whenever we are free for it.

Everything has its some merits and demerits. But honestly speaking a person can find every sort of things, which he wants to seek out from the internet. On one hand a person can be more corrupted internet if he has room for that in his body and soul. But a person can also seek out some better information through it.

For me a large number of people have the ideology to corrupt the mind and soul of the persons through internet. So being a Muslim, if we cannot go to them and teach them the real aim of life, we should tell them through internet.

We can also see different jobs opportunity on the net and can see different newspapers of the world in a short span of time. We can learn about the other countries current affairs as well as our own country. We can watch about the weather report on the net so that we may change our program accordingly.

The most and important benefit of internet for a layman is to chat with his relative or friend, sitting in different countries of the world. He can see him as he is sitting right in front of him. We can meet those people to whom we never saw in our life and will never meet by itself in life. But they may be our best friends, very likely of those who we meet and see daily. for example a boy or a girl of U.S.A may become most familiar with our culture and religion through internet chatting with a Pakistani boy or girl.

In the board sense, internet is necessary in every matter of government and no-government firms and institutions. Different banks of the world are inter woven through the net. Nearly all the matter of the world are depending on the net. Internet got too much importance in our life that if we remove it from our life for some time, all the machinery of the world would stop working. We depend on internet from ordinary business of life to the space traveling.

At last I would like to say that if we want to remain a part of the world and remain in the run of the world, we should use internet for good and positive causes.


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