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I am moh. sodik, many my friends call me sodik and sometimes Mr. Sodik.. I am a simple person but I always wonder with something new in the world by knowing English as my second language. I know that by knowing English well we can study other subjets easily and now I have felt it. English is a skill not knowledge, English is a key to open the other knowldge that I have not known before.

I try to get some information from one of technological advances namely Internet that stands for internatioanal networking. with internet we can get much knowledge from everywhere over the world. so that why I utilize this media to enrich my knowledge every day. I access some social media that I think give me some benefits such as; facebook, twitter, tsu and bitlanders. here I can improve my skill in knowing someone else.

I open internet almost every day because in this place I can access everything I want. It is provided with wifi to help the students increase their English by browsing, but sometimes they just open youtube and watch some movies not for studying. so I think internet is a media that can give us some benefits if we can use it as well as possible.

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I am a simple person who wanna be the great person by always studying and studying everything to be better than before.

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