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Overview makes the internet accessible to more people by providing them access to a range of free basic services. Through, we’ve been able to offer free basic internet services to hundreds of millions of people across Asia, Africa and Latin America. By introducing people to the benefits of the internet through these services, we hope to bring more people online and help improve their lives. These services are simple and data efficient, so operators can offer for free in a sustainable way. Developers do not pay to be included, and operators do not charge developers for the data people use for their services.

Our Approach

We work with developers who are aligned with our mission of connecting people who are unconnected. Through the Platform, developers can easily create services that integrate with So far, the main focal areas of our developer partners have been: information, communication, and education tools, with a strong preference for services in local languages.

Participation Guidelines

We believe having a service that is easy to use and offers useful services to people who are new to the internet is a critical part in bringing them into the digital world. Our goal with the Platform is to include as many developers and entrepreneurs as possible. If you're interested in building towards this goal, please visit the Participation Guidelines and submit to be added into

FbStart and Social Good

FbStart is our global program for mobile startups, offering free tools and services, mentorship from Facebook, and a likeminded community of mobile developers. In recognition of mobile-focused organizations who promote social good initiatives, FbStart and will be introducing another way to work with us. With our Social Good package, developers who create services that address a social need will be eligible for an additional set of benefits, including expedited review for, and special events and mentorship with the team. If you’re interested in working with us, submit to become a member of FbStart and sign up to learn more about the Social Good package and how to work with

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