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Interview with "play" but do so
Many people wonder why they do not appreciate the interview, they did not prepare much, they've even prepared psychologically defeat, they only see the interview as well as a final outing but to be recognized. In contrast to stand before a firm favorite, they have been diagnosed with a serious interview, but ultimately rejected. The key is the psychological problem, because the psychological interview with "nothing to lose" so they are not under pressure, not feeling stressed, and the interview will become more open. Because psychological comfort will make them become more confident, experienced ... and "accidentally" scoring help them qualify interviewed nothing is hard to understand.

Join as many interviews as possible
If you are newly graduated students do not have much experience, then try to get as many interviews as possible firm, whether large or small, the company also has its own beauty. Through interviews sometimes you also get employers to give yourself the very useful information, you'll know how interviewees, from which to draw for themselves the valuable experience and it becomes useful for important interviews afterward.
Focusing on the work they are applying
Rather than seek to persuade their employers choose, you just focus on the work they are applying, ask employers contents, methods and workflow. Since then inadvertently created the feeling you are here to grasp the situation and receiving this job is not a job interview, after the exchange process sometimes employers will ask when you can start hands on work, this question of the employer is also the message indicating you have passed the interview successfully.


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