Introducing the Buzz Button: generate more revenues and get new affiliates

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Embed the Buzz Button on your website or blog: When a non Film Annex user clicks on it, he/she will be invited to join the platform and redirected to your registration page so he/she will become one of your affiliates.

Where to find your Buzz Button?

Your personal Buzz Button code is available from your 'Earn More' page, right below your personal Registration URL.

Add the Buzz Button to your website or blog so your audience can discover your Film Annex profile and join the platform. For you, it means a higher BuzzScore and more revenues!

When a Film Annex registered user clicks on the Buzz Button from your website, it helps increase your BuzzScore. Soon, it will integrate a direct post on your content flow.

Don't forget that on Film Annex, you can generate revenues in different ways:

  • With your content: thanks to the BuzzScore, that measures the quality of your content, as well as your influence and reach, you make money with your films and articles.
  • With the affiliate program: you get 20% of the revenues generated by your affiliates.

Today, with the Buzz Button, we are introducing one more way to benefit from Film Annex's model. You have already seen the Buzz Button on every movie and blog page. When you hit it, it helps increase your BuzzScore (and revenues).

The Buzz Button is now available for you to add on your personal website or blog, so you can promote your Film Annex profile and get more affiliates.

The database of all affiliate registered users is available for the users who embed the Buzz button on their website, so that they can communicate with their affiliates and gather further demographic data.

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