Introducing the HIGHEST PAYING Faucet

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Mother Faucet claims to be the best Bitcoin faucet. You can claim every 15 minutes and you can get an amount of 3000, 4000, 5000 or 6000 Satoshi directly to your Xapo wallet. Isn’t that great?

This way you can claim from 0.00012000 up to 0.00024000 Bitcoin in your first hour. Simply amazing.

It is so good that I have to quote them:

Your possible rewards 30, 40, 50, 60 bits (Yes, BITS, not SATOSHIS).

Mother Faucet

There is only one slight drawback and you cannot blame the Cat lady since she is so generous to you. After a while she will tell you that she has no energy for you. No problem – wait a bit, stick around and claim your reward later.

If she tells you that you have to bring in referrals to be able to claim again do that. After all the referral system is one of the great things that keep the Bitcoin faucets free and accessible to anybody.

Or you might just wait some more and Mother Faucet will let you claim again.

You should really give it a try.

Bring In Referrals

When your friends join Mother Faucet through your referral link you will get 20% of their claims. Another strong reason to say hello and pur to Cat Lady.

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