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Image credits: Tita Witty

About few weeks ago, I have blogged on my first ever Starbucks sticker collection. It took me a few weeks before completing the 18 stickers and finally claiming my first ever Starbucks travel organizer, I selected the orange one which I judged as a not so worth it for someone like me. But don´t get me wrong as my judgment was just for my own, those who are really coffee lovers would definitely love to have them because the planner and the organizers are just a bonus for them.

Now, since I am a journal-lover, I maintain a Bullet Journal on my Alunsina Blank Notebook, I still want to also own a planner myself. I found several options online both cheap ones and expensive ones. I was eyeing for the National Bookstore´s 365 planners but that ran out immediately as stocks arrived in different branches.

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I was looking for something that is affordable, has lively pages and portable. Looking at several options, I landed on the decision to grab a Tita Witty 2019 Planner which is titled as ¨The Relaks, Stress Lang Yan, Matatapos Din in 30-40 Years Planner 2019¨.

This blog is then all about this amusing, gay and colorful Tita Witty Planner. Let me show you some of its pages, the reason why I choose it amongst the options and why you can also consider having a copy.

The Relaks, Stress Lang Yan, Matatapos Din in 30-40 Years Planner 2019

Image credits: Tita Witty

It is not my first time to grab a Tita Witty book, the first one was their ¨Akala Mo Lang Wala, Pero Meron Meron Meron Slumbook¨. It was a book made for those who love autographs, those who were born in the 80s and 90s can definitely relate to what I am referring about.

So, I bought it when I first saw it online as I am really fond of autographs back in grade school and secondary years, I have tons of notebooks, both handmade and those premade. But what´s so cool about Tita Witty´s is the fact that it contains funny, witty and sometimes little naughty write ups. The same goes for this brand new planner.

I choose it over the rest because first, it doesn´t cost a lot, it can be bought at only PHP 550 on bookstores, mine was a gift from a good friend which he bought at Fullybooked in Ayala Center Cebu. Second, their online advertisement was like attracting me always and lastly, it has some fun and cute pages in it which I will be presenting to you later on.

Image credits: Tita Witty

For now, let me share who Tita Witty is and her background in making these books.

Tita Witty is published by Witty Concepts and Design. Witty Will Save the World, Co. or Tita Witty for short (at para feeling close to) creates fun journals and notebooks that cater to and understand the humor of the fun-loving Pinoy.

Video credits: Erika Lim via YouTube

Tita Witty’s first ever product, The “I-was-supposed-to-get-that-coffeehouse-planner-but-I-got-fat-on-the-10th-frappePlanner 2010 was an unexpected hit and unintentional business venture, making the founders think there is room for witty journals which are in Tagalog. This was then followed by other kinds of journals such as the nostalgic slumbook, a wedding guestbook, and annual planners. In 2015, in their dream of becoming a full-fledged publishing company, they released their first storybook, The Arrow with a Heart Pierced Through Him.

Tita Witty´s 2019 Planner Pages

Image credits: Tita Witty

Getting bored is a mortal sin for any of Tita Witty´s books, the 2019 Planner included, the title itself tells us as it translates, relax, it is just stress, you´ll finish the planner in 30-40 years. This is just a slap to those who are using planners but are not able to fill up the pages for that entire year.

So why not make the year less stressful with Tita Witty’s The Relaks, Stress lang ‘yan, matatapos din in 30-40 years.” Planner 2019!

The planner is a 6 in x 6 inches hardbound book made with book paper 70 with weekly spreads with vertical daily columns, monthly calendar spread. It also has a pocket and a ribbon bookmark plus 49 hilarious bonus features!

Curriculum Vitae

Image credits: Tita Witty

First of the planner covers the information about the planner´s owner. There´s a section for putting up a photo, the personal contact details, objective, work experience, education, core competencies, training, seminars, junkets attended and the character references. This was more of a CV parody than the real one. If you are Filipino, you´ll definitely laugh about the things written in here.

The First 20 Pages - Life, Work Balance

Image credits: Tita Witty

Right next to your CV are the numerous creative pages dedicated for some fun job situations, financial and money matters, on how to cope up with debts in a hilarious way. There are even a few ones which have bullet journaling styles.

I laughed a lot while reading on the page about the stages of shopping which includes the Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Surrender stages together with some more social media parodies.

I also appreciated their Gastos Tracker where the page was made for writing all the things bought within the year in which the total cost has to be summed up and then calculate the percentage of your salary compared to the total purchased amount.

Pages 26-29 provides an entire calendar for years 2018-2020.

Monthly and Weekly Spreads

Image credits: Tita Witty

Every single month, the planner provides first a monthly and then a weekly spread where each user can add their monthly overview of events and plans while adding each detail per week with a much bigger writing space. But included on each spread are some hilarious and laughable statements sometimes in English but most of the time in Filipino or Tagalog.

Image credits: Tita Witty

But it always starts with a Month Introduction which has an interview scenario such as that month of May, it has a purple dominant color with a what was presumed as an HR officer asking the candidate on why does she want to work for such company, and she answered in English the best that she could do but on the other thought bubble is an laughable answer. There are more of that in the next month´s spreads.

And note that each weekly spreads also has how to relieve stress tips, 62 tips to be specific such as going out and shop with friends, exercising and a lot more.

Joke Coupons

Image credits: Tita Witty

Just like those coffee house planners which includes coupons at the last few pages of their books, Tita Witty also has provided each user with numerous coupons but with a twist as these are not for any items but for some jokes like I love my Job but I just need a 1-year break and more, they even have a duration date at the back and some made-up instructions at the back.


Image credits: Tita Witty

Reading Tita Witty´s 2019 Planner already gave me a lot of smiles and laughter from the first pages up to the end. I already want to write on it now but I have to wait until tomorrow because currently, I am still in a boat en route to Cebu.

If you find this to be suitable to your personality, you might want to also grab a copy of it, just visit a bookstore or you can even order it online, there´s a free shipping deal if you buy two!

Thank you for reading! Happy New Year!


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