Introduction of bitlanders and its social ecnomic Values.

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                                                                      Introduction of bitlanders
This is the first time I am writing something on bitlanders. I joined the portal one day back, and the thing i loved most about bitlanders is that the interface is so much colorful. The icons, the colors in the background, the tag lines, the circumspheres, the facial icons, the dressings, the headers and the footers all are so cool and so beautiful, it reminds me of my school time, when i used to visit my coloring room in my school, and this all takes me to the same environment where everything is just so kiddy and so colorful.
Now the question is what bitlanders and how it works. This is the question every one who joins at bitlander asks. The question is pretty much simple, but a bit tough! Bitlander is such a simple social media network like Facebook and twitter ad it works on the same principle like others work, like it takes you to the other world, virtually, where you can share you thoughts, your pictures, your articles, your words, you feelings with the world at the other end.
The world is actually connected with you virtually, you are in a cyber space, and the people are linked with you through their internet connections. This makes things more simple. Like only and internet connection makes your world virtually digitalized. Wao! This is the revolution of internet.
But If you talk about facebook twitter you socialize with people and in return you get nothing, you just get fame, few likes, and comments. But what Bitlander does? Bitlander gives you money in return. If you use bitlander, keep buzzing, you will get rewarded in return. And this makes this network most beautiful and rewarding social network. You can redeem your earnings in form of cash, airtime, or shop anything you want at Bitlanders online shop. This is the most amazing thing i ever faced, like i am paid for using the network!

Happy bitlanding!


Tariq Mehmood Khan