Introduction of Light

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Agency that they are are causes a visual sensation when it falls on when eye is called light.

Light is a form of energy that is emitted form luminous are bodies we are cannot the see of light we are other things see in light

Reflection of light

The light enters form one medium to another medium some of it part come back in the first of medium this is called the reflection of light

Laws of Reflection of light

1-     Angle of incidence should be equal to the reflection

2-     The incident any the reflected ray the normal at the point all three lie in the same plane

Kinds of Reflection:-

There Are Two types of Reflection

Regular Reflection

Irregular Reflection

Regular Reflection:-

Parallel rays the light are incident on the a smooth surface all the  rays are reflected in the surface of the direction after reflaction they remain parallel this is called reflection

Irregular Reflection:-

The parallel of the rays is the light are incident of surface then after the reflection they scatter in different direction this reflection is called the Irregular Reflection

Reflection of Light:-

When a ray of light move is the in one medium of the falls on the surface another medium are the making of an acute angle some of it’s the parts of the other device and actual path this of the light due to change are the medium is know as refraction of the light the light enters form a rare medium in to a denser medium it is bends away form the normal for example when we place a pencil vertically in a glass of water it appear

Laws of reflection

1-     The incident ray the and the normal at the point of incidence all the three are in sample


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