Introduction Of wave

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Distance of the moving in a medium is called a wave in other types of word an curve of an quantity is know wave

Wave motion

Process the transmitting waves is called wave motion in type of other words mechanism in which energy is transfer form point to the other point

Types of waves

There are three types of waves

1-     Mechanical waves

2-     Electromagnetic waves

3-     Matter waves

1-Mechanical waves

In which waves require a material that the medium there is a propagation is called mechanical waves

For example

Sound waves, water of surface waves

2-Electromagnetic Waves

In which wave do not require a material and medium for that the propagation are that called electromagnetic wave

For Example

Light waves, heat waves, radio waves

3-Matter waves

In which waves associated moves with in the particals that are called the matter waves

For example:- A fast moving of the electron waves is called the matter waves

Terms of The waves

1-     Wave length

2-     Frequency

3-     Time period

4-      Trough

5-     Compression

6-     Rare faction

Wave length:-that is a distance between two consecutive compersion as a rare factions. In tansvers waves its denoted by a lamda

Frequency:-it is a number of the that vibrations through the one point two the other point is called the frequency

Time Period:-requvired the time to one complete vibration is called the period

Compression:-the poration of the max presser is called the compression

Rare Faction:-the portion of min pressure is called the Rare Faction

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