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              Hello! I am Aaqib Khurshid from Islamabad, Pakistan. Here I am a medical student. I am also interested in writing blogs. As we all know that there is a lot of work for medical students always. When i get bored i love use sites from where i can earn. I am from a middle family so, this also helps me financially. Some told me that the best platform for blogging is Bitlanders, I registered here and started blogging. This is my first blog. My brother was also using this site, but he never told me about it. He registered as saqib-khurshid. He was at number 7 in Leaderboard, when his account was disabled. He mailed at but got no response. So he was upset and left the site. I hope that I will be safe from these copy right issues and spamming. hahahahhahahahah......................hope so! This is my first blog on Bitlanders, so I am writing on Bitlanders. Lets start!


               First of all let me tell that bitlanders does not allow you to create an account, it only allows you to connect your facebook or google+ account and sign up on bitlanders. So first you have to log in your facebook id. When you are logged in. Open the Bitlanders homepage. or someones referrals link. My referrals link is : You can also register on Bitlanders by clicking on this link. So when you will click on bitlanders logo thy will ask you to allow your fb account with bitlanders. Click on allow. Then your journey on bitlanders is started! 

               Now let me tell you another interesting thing! On Bitlanders you can not upload your profile picture. Instead you can create your Avatar. An Avatar that reflects your personality. This Avatar reflects your personality and characteristics. 

                     Now when you have joined bitlanders. You have to choose your appearance. Not to upload a picture and show your personality. You have to create your Avatar and which reflects your personality in all terms. By doing this you will get reward by bitlanders, 3 gems and 500000 bitmiles. This is your reward because you have created your Avatar. Then after this the next step is  to choose your nick name. This nick name is very important. When you are logged out and you have to sign in you can write your nick name or email address and your password to sign in. Nick name can contain words (compulsory), digits (optional) and characters (optional). Examples for nick name is aaqibkhurshid, aaqibkhurshid or aaqib787. Now when you have chosen your nick name you also have to choose a pasword. It must be minimum of five characters. Examples of password are: Aaqib, aaqib, aaqib123, Aaqib#$%, )90(qwe or Aaqib123@#$ (the best and secured of all). When you are done, you will again get the same reward. Lets say that 3 gems and 500000 bitmiles. 

                      Now what Bitlanders actually is? Bitlanders is a social media site just like facebook, twitter, tsu, tumblr or reddit. It is also as easy to use as fecebook. When we write a micro blog, a blog or upload an image or a video, Bitlanders admins attach ads of different companies to our posts. When users watch these ads, Bitlanders is get paid from companies, so we do. But if you want to earn more there are two ways: Bring a friend on bitlanders or write your own blog post, upload your own images or videos and submit them for review. In this way when you will get stars, you can earn more. The more you will get stars the more you will earn. When you have completed your profile, you have to complete some tasks. Some tasks are for once and some are for daily. 

Quest box:

                      Quest box contains some task from Bitlanders. These tasks are not only tasks, they also a guideline for new user. When you have signed up you have no idea to use bitlanders. I mean you have no idea how to earn money. Quest box contains almost seven tasks. These tasks are a complete tutorial for bitlanders. You have no idea how to earn, but after completing this quest box you can get every single information about bitlanders. 

Tasks in quest box:

  1. Write your first Blog post
  2. Upload your first Movie
  3. Create your first Gallery
  4. Write your first Micro blog
  5. These are your Revenues!
  6. Choose and support your 3 favorite Charities
  7. Click on the Plus button!


                Get ready to complete your quest box.

Seventh task is described here. Click on the plus icon. A menu will appear. 

The menu contains:


Click on any of the task and complete it. Now the quest box.

           Now, your first task is Write your first Blog post.To complete this task, you have to write a blog post and publish it. After completing this task you will also get reward. To write a blog you have to follow following instructions.

           To write a blog, you have to write a comprehensive note on the topic you are writing. You have gather as more useful information about that topic as much you can. Then you have to find related images for that blog. Images can be from google or some where else. In bitlanders you can only use the videos from Bitlanders itself, vimeo or youtube. Except this no videos can be used in blog posts. When you will submit it for review 10 gems will be needed. After 4-7 days your blog will be reviewed.

       To make your blog more beautiful you can add attractive images. You can bold the important words and add more videos. The more your blog will be attractive the more stars you will get. As the stars the more your earning will be good. Another important thing in blog writing is tags. You have to choose the perfect tags for your blog.

Video in which a blog is reviewed:

              Your second task is to "Upload your first Movie". To complete this task, you have to create a video and publish it. To upload a video you have to follow following instructions.

              You can upload any video you want. But if you want to earn and get higher buzz score than you have to create your own video with some aim. Then submit it for review. You will get stars and earn. When you will upload you first video, you will receive 4 gems as a reward. You have to give the description of your video. Choose perfect tags for the videos. You also have to choose a Poster image for your video.

          Third task in Quest box is "Create your first Gallery". The image you are uploading will be your own. A gallery can also be sent on review. A gallery contains more than one image. You must upload your own made 4-5 images(minimum) in your gallery to submit it for review. You have to give description about that gallery. Choose the perfect tags for the gallery. Doing so you will get 4 gems as a reward. 

           Fourth task that is to be completed is "Write your first Micro blog". A micro blog is written maximum of 160 words. You can also add an image in it. It is like a message to the users of Bitlanders, Micro blog can not be sent for review. You can only get buzz (a facebook like) on it. When you will write your first micro blog, you will get 4 gems as a reward. First micro blog must be "Hello all!".

            The fifth task in quest box is named as "These are your Revenues!". On clicking this box, you will be forwarded to your revenues that you have earned till now and what is your balance. This link will be opened:

             Sixth task is "Choose and support your 3 favorite Charities". In this task you have to choose three charity institutions. The companies you like, you will choose. When ever you will complete a task a donation of 10 bitmiles will be donated to one of them. When you will choose three companies, you will get one gem.

                 When quest box is completed, you have to complete Daily quests.

Daily quests:

                                You have to complete daily quests regularly as the name represents. These are four tasks.

  1. Read five Blog post!
  2. Watch five Videos!
  3. Check out our offers
  4. Bring a friend on bitLanders!

To complete daily quests you have to follow following steps.

  1. Click on fist daily quest, Read five Blog post!
  2. Hillary will lead you to a profile of any user.
  3. Read five blog that seeks your interest.
  4. Doing so you will get +1 powerup buzz.
  5. Now second task, Watch five Videos!
  6. Hillary will lead you to a profile of any user.
  7. Watch five interesting videos.
  8. Doing so you will get +3 powerup buzz.
  9. Now task number three, Check out our offers.
  10. Click on the task.
  11. You will get +10 powerup buzz.
  12. Last task is Bring a friend on bitLanders!
  13. Copy your referral link and paste it on your facebook profile.
  14. When any one will register you will get +3 powerup buzz for 3 days.

Global chat and Private chat:

            Bitlanders also allow us to communicate with on another. It is also a mean of communication. We are living a happy life due to communication. 

Global chat:

            When we feel shy to become friend with some one, we can communicate with him/her in global chat. We can check what every one feels. What is the character of someone. How he is with us, and how he reacts with others.


Private chat:

                  In private chat we can communicate with anyone. One will can disturb us. You can have an easy access to each other. You can make friends globally through it. Private chat is very important. You can also get help fro some one. You can clear out confusion.



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