introduction to computer 3

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It consists of right left button and scroll.

Other input devices are

  • Scanners
  • Optical devices
  • Magnetic
  • Radio Frequencies  etc

Output Devices


 It is videos display output device. There are two type of monitor black and white and color monitor.

Monitor details


                 Resolution of monitor consist of number of pixels .higher the pixels more better image quality and greater resolution.  More resolution more clear, sharp and smooth will be displayed item.

1 byte specify color and characteristics

1280 x 1024 resolutions

= 1310720 pixel

2# Response time

Time taken by monitor to turn off and On. It takes million second to turn on and off.

Greater will be the pixels smaller will be the response time.

3# Brightness

      The unit use for brightness is nit.

      It ranges from 250 to 550

4# Dot/inch.

      It is distance between two consecutive pixels it is in mm.

      Normally 0.3mm.

5#Contrast Ratio

      It is of two types

      Darkest black

      Brightest white


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