introduction to computer part 2

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Small temporary storage or internal memory units control command under process .The small memory units are called register

Machine  Cycle:                                

      Fetching  è       Process of obtaining instruction.

      Decoding è    The process of decoding the instruction or data from memory.

      Executingè    The process of caring out results .

      Storage   è     Writing the  results in the RAM.


CPU clock:                                                                                                                                       

To control all the computer operations (26 Hz e.g. )


ii) I/O Devices

Input devices and output devices.

Input devices



Keyboard having many keys and it is important part of input devices to give command to computer.

  • i)The Alphanumeric keys     i.e       +,-, Esc, Tab, Caps lock ,
  • ii)   Special keys                      i.e          Alt, Ctrl, etc
  • iii) Numerical Keys                 i.e            0 to 9 all numerical keys
  • iv) Function Keys                    i.e           F1 to F12
  • v) Cursor Movement Keys     i.e           à ß  etc

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