Introduction To DC Motor

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Motor convert the electrical energy to mechanical energy is called the motor.that the motor provided is DC Supply when the called the DC motor. the input is the motor is electrical energy and output the mechanical energy to the load

Principle of operation of the DC motor

if any electrical motor based on the simple is the electromagnetism A current carrying conduct the generators  a filed the magnetic.DC motor is designed the harness to the magnetic interacton between the a current carrying conductors an external filed the geneerate rotaional motion.DC motor work at the north and south poles the magnetic  waves move to the north to south

Back EMF in DC motor

the armature of a DC motor under the driving toruqe the atmature move the magnetic filed and hence e.m.f is induced as in a generator the induced emf act to the opposite direction to the applied voltage

Types of DC motor

Separately Excited DC Motor

Self Excited DC motor

Shunt Wound DC Motor

Series Wound Motor

Compound Wound Motor

                                Short Shunt DC motor

                                Long Shunt DC motor

Shunt Wound Motor

shunt wound DC motor are connected winding in a parallel with the joined of armature the current same as the armature  flow

series wound motor

series wound motor in which filed which connected the series with joint the armature the series filed winding carry the current armature series winding must be desigend  with dthe much faver a series filed winding has as small number of turns that thich wire and low resistance

Compound Wound Motor:-

Compound  wound motor in which has a two filed windings one connected in parallel with the armature and the second joind the series

There are two types of Compound Wound motor

Short shunt connection

Long Shunt connection

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