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The first computer program that I learned to use was Microsoft Word way back in 2004.  It is part of the Microsoft Office Software which was developed by Microsoft with its principal founder Bill Gates. Microsoft Word or more commonly called as Word is a word processor where users can use to input, edit and print the output as documents. Technically, it replaces the old typewriter we had in the office. 

Apart from Word, I also learned to use Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. I had been using these programs for years and even I started to work online and learned different online applications and platforms, I continued to use these programs. It was only last year when the office decided to adopt online collaboration for the submission of the reports when I decided to do an in-depth study of using Google Sheet.

Google Docs - A Brief Description


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Looking into the possibility of setting up a new blog in the coming months, I decided to learn more about Google Docs. I know it would be an ideal measure since I am looking for a good way to save space on my laptop.


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Google Docs is part of the web-based office suite software offered by Google. If you are familiar with Microsoft Word, it would be easier to learn Google docs because of the similarity on the major functions.

Showing below is a screenshot of the Google Docs and Microsoft Word. We can see that the tools for editing a document are almost similar, only that they are placed in different locations or with a different name.


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How Google Docs Differs from Microsoft Word?

There are several differences between Google Docs and Microsoft Word which we could identify.

1. Google Docs is a Web-based application only while Microsoft Word is both installed on our computers or laptop as well as a web-based application. 

2. Google Docs is free to use while Microsoft Word is a part of the Microsoft Office program which we need to buy and installed in our computers before we could actually use it. The program is pricey. But currently, Word online can also be used for free with some limitations. 

3. We need an internet connection before we could be able to use Google Docs while Word can be used even if we don't have an internet. 

Benefits of Using Google Docs

When it comes to functionality, Google Docs can be considered useful in many ways. Here are the benefits of using Google Docs.

1. You can save disk space because you don't need to save the document in your computer. Since it is a web-based application everything you created will be saved directly to your Google Drive account.

2. You can access the document you created anytime as long as there is an internet connection. 


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3. Google Docs is the best for collaboration. Meaning, we can share the document with other people who can view or edit a particular document. This feature can be very useful in an organization.


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4. For bloggers like us, we can create our documents with Google Docs and have it exported to our blogs at the right time.

How to Use Google Docs

There are a few easy steps in using the Google Docs, here they are:

First, we need to have a Gmail account which is the basic requirement before we could gain access to the Google Drive. 


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(Screenshot of actual Google page) 

Once you logged in to your Gmail account, you can go to the Google Drive by opening the Google Apps which can be accessed through the drop-down menu on the upper right side of the Google page. From there, you can click My Drive and choose Google Docs from the menu options. You can choose to open a blank document or a template.

There is a wide range of available templates which you could use on your documents such as resume, project proposals, letters, and many others. Once you chose either a blank document or a template, the Untitled document will be opened automatically in another tab. You can rename the document by editing the Title field. no need to worry about losing a document because it is automatically saved in Drive as you type. 


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(Screenshot of actual Google Docs page)

Useful Tools

Google has come up with different tools which we can use to create an excellent document in Google Docs. 

Word Count


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 (Screenshot of actual Google Docs page) 

It is important to know the word count of our contents as we progress so as we know if we already complied with the requirement. google Docs has also this feature which can be accessed by clicking Tools from the menu area. 

Spell Check

One of the most important factors in writing a content is to eliminate errors especially with that of spelling. Google Docs has this feature which can be accessed from the Tools menu. 

Voice Typing


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(Screenshot of actual Google Docs page)

I am truly impressed with this feature. Anybody can talk and the statement will automatically be incorporated in the document. 

The KeyBoard Shortcuts Keys

Knowing the shortcut keys for the commands may help you in faster completion of the tasks. Here is the link for the Keyboard shortcut keys for Google Docs.

Here is an advanced tutorial in using Google Docs

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Wrapping it up...

Google Docs is a useful document processor we can use whether we opt to work alone or with a team. The advanced features are very timely considering the current work environment that we have. Learning new ways to ensure the best output is necessary. Updating our skills and knowledge to attain fast and more accurate results is one of the few things to consider. The world is changing and so we must. 

Thank you and have a great day!

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