Introduction to programming-Problem Solving-Part 1

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Problem Solving

Problem solving is a process of identifying a problem and finding the best solution for it. Problem solving is a skill that can be developed by following a well organized approach. We solve different problems every day. Every problem is different in its nature. Some problems are very difficult and require more attention to identify the solution. A problem may be solved in different ways. One solution may be faster, less expensive and more reliable than others. It is important to select the best suitable solution.

Different strategies, techniques and tools are used to solve complex problems by developing computer programs. Computer programs contain different instructions to solve a problem. A person can be good programmer if he has the skill of solving problems. Different problem-solving techniques are as follows:

  • Program
  • Algorithm
  • Flowchart etc.


A set of instructions that show a computer what to do/follow is called program. A computer works according to the given instructions in the program. Computer programs are written in programming languages. A person who develops a program is called programmer. The programmer develops programs to instruct the computer how to process data to convert into information. Programmer uses programming languages or tools to write programs.

Advantages of Computer Program

Different advantages of computer program are as follows:

  • A computer program can solve many problems by giving instructions to computer.
  • A computer program can be used to perform a task repeatedly and quickly.
  • A program can process a large amount of data easily.
  • It can display the results in different styles.
  • The processing of a program is more efficient and less time consuming.
  • Different types of programs are used in different fields to perform certain tasks.

Algorithms & Pseudo code

An algorithm is a step-by-step procedure to solve a problem. The process of solving a problem becomes simpler and easier with help of algorithm. It is better to write algorithm before writing the actual computer program.

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