Introduction to Programming-Program Development Process

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A programmer has to go through the following stages to develop a computer program:

  •  Defining and Analyzing Problem
  • Designing the Algorithm
  • Coding or Writing the Program
  • Testing Program
  • Final Documentation
  1. Defining and Analyzing the Problem

In this step, a programmer studies the problem. He decides the best way to solve this problem. Studying a problem is necessary because it helps a programmer to decide about the following things:

  • The facts and figures which are necessary for developing the program.
  • The way in which the program will be designed.
  • The language in which the program will be most suitable.
  • What is the desired output and in which form it is needed, etc.
  1. Designing the algorithm

An algorithm is a chain of steps that must be carried out before a programmer starts formulate his program. The programmer map out an algorithm to help imagine possible replacement in a program.

  1. Coding or Writing the Program

The process of writing a program is a very important step in program development. In this step, an algorithm is converted into program. The program consists of different steps given in the algorithm. A large number of programming languages are available to write programs. A programmer selects programming language according to the nature of problem.

  1. Testing Program

A program must be tested in the process of program development. This process verifies the accuracy of a program. The program is tested by executing it again and again. Different values are given as input and output is checked. The program may not give required results if it contains any error. The errors must be detected and corrected if the output is not correct. All bugs in the program are detected and removed during program testing. It ensures that the program gives desired results and the problem is solved correctly.

  1. Final Documentation

When the program is finalized, its documentation is prepared. Final documentation is provided to the user, it guides the user how to use the program in the most efficient way. Another purpose of documentation is to allow some other programmer to modify the code if necessary. Documentation should be done in each step during development of a program.


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