Investigative Journalism

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Journalism is to write, to record and to broadcast the news or daily happens. Exchanges of information through mass media or social media also call journalism. Or is the activity or product of journalists or other engaged in preparation of news and other journalistically materials.  There are different kinds of journalism such as; Photo journalism, Arts journalism, Agriculture journalism, Business journalism, Civic journalism, Community journalism, Multimedia journalism, News, Fashion….

Investigative journalism as important kind of journalism is beyond the simple reporting or is beyond the things which are clear. This type of journalism is about unearthing facts and studying cases that may require more efforts. Investigative journalism includes stories that have effect on lots of people especially for those who are not the owner of their voice; like poor, illiterate and incapable people. It also includes stories that can aid people to empower themselves.

Stories of investigative journalism are to expose corruption, to make people aware of social problems and even solutions, to aware people from those who are factors of the problems and to shine the dark corners of your country. These stories are not based on rumors, on false accusations or on animosity. Investigative journalism is not shy and easy, it is based on facts; facts which are verifiable and identifiable. It is also important to be capable showing of resources.

Challenges for investigative journalism are:

  • What documents do you have access to?
  • Where can you find reliable information?
  • Who can you trust to give you accurate data?                                                   



The investigative journalism needs for long times maybe a month or a year. Journalists, who works for investigation to expose the facts, by creating headlines and reports shows the facts of society in different views. This kind of journalism has lots of benefits for society. It exposes large problems in government, society, law, politics and economy. And can broadcast by different medium such as TV, Newspaper, Magazine and internet.

By Muhammad Elias Hatimi

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