Ireland beat West Indies top tweets

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Five top tweets on Ireland's World Cup win over West Indies at Saxton Oval on Monday:

"Certainly not a shock or upset from this group of players. Warm up games are just that. Enjoy the celebrations as I know you can and will."

- Former Ireland captain Trent Johnston

"We're watching the death row of West Indies cricket at the moment."

- Melbourne SEN 1116

"No wonder England have an Irishman as skipper, the Irish can't find a spot for him! They're killing it! Sad times for West Indies. #CWC15."

- Fox Sports presenter Neroli Meadows

"I apologize to the viewers today for the the swear word that came through the stump mike. Especially the young kids listening and watching."

- West Indies all-rounder Darren Sammy

"Ireland cricket going up... good innings by weddingsonline brand ambassador Niall O'@niallnobiobrien."

- Weddingsonline India


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