Irritated labour from load shedding (Part 1)

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The load shedding of electricity and restraint of naturalgas to industrial institutes has produced situation of hell in Pakistan and this persecution is engulfing poor people of Pakistan and this persecution of load shedding has increased the rate of poverty and unemployment very much. It also added to the costliness and dearness, which has made worried everyone. Who is responsible for these crises in Pakistan? Everyone knows the answer but every Pakistani can’t get rid of this problem but Government can help to get rid of these crises, but till when, this problem can be solved through an exact and constant solution, this persecution will be graved the living people.

     It is incidence of few days before, the citizen of Islam Nagar 215 Rb named “Ali Raza” of 19 years age has died due to the load shedding of electricity. He had the job to fill the beems, due to harsh load shedding of continuous five days, his work was stopped. Now Ali Raza had nothing to eat. He had no money to buy food. To beg was against his nature. So he decided to take his life by taking in acid due to unbearing appetite and got rid of unemployment, poverty and dearness. He had killed himself by taking in acid but had left many questions behind, had his suicide, finished the unemployment in country? Had hunger and famine in houses left governance over poor people by his suicidal act?

    If there is not any answer to these questions, then what is outcome to his family and countrymen and country by his suicide?    

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