Is BitLanders Everything It Promises?

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So I don't really get what happens on @bitLanders.

My revenue took a nose dive before my account was locked for using a VPN on a public network. My buzz has remained the same but the rev is still half of what it was.

I'm posting and sharing good content. Is it just the audience demographics on @bitLanders? Most of the people I've subscribed to during my time here have seemingly moved on. Is bitlanders not paying out as much as they used to? I get that feeling because I'm generating pennies a day for my efforts and not getting much buzz at all.

Maybe I should re-identify myself as a Philippino girl and post some pictures of a cat to get 1200+ subscribers and a 100 buzz score in 2 months. Just a thought.

I thought FilmAnnex at least had a purpose. The meager payout feels like youtube for blogging but without the world-wide audience. I feel like bitlanders has become more of a scheme than a platform. 


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