Is cloud mining profitable?

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        When I joined Bitlander I don't know anything about Bitcoins so I always use my Paypal in my withdrawals here. I got curious on Bitcoins when I saw most of my fellow Bitlanders used it in their withdrawals. One Bitlander member gave me his link about free Bitcoin collection like dogecoin, faucets etc. I tried it and I like the result. I am now collecting free bitcoins in Land of Bitcoins.

I'm still confused so I searched a group about Bitcoins. I joined Bitcoin Ph group and from there I learned different mining and free bitcoin collection sites. I also learned more from one of the admin of scam alarm who have knowledge on mining. He is also a Bitlander member. I thought free bitcoin collection is mining until he told me what mining really is.He also gave me a free link about dogecoin mining but unfortunately my laptop capacity is not enough to conduct mining so my other choice is to to try cloud mining.  The cloud mining site I signed up are Hash Profit and Eobot . Both sites has activation fee of 0.02 BTC.or $10. Those two who gave me these cloud mining links told me that they earn well from these sites.

To those with knowledge about bitcoin mining, is cloud mining profitable? Advance thanks who will give their thoughts about this.

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